Evelyn Browne
Papers, 1961-1995
(UA 17/18)

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Evelyn Browne joined the UNH faculty as an Instructor in women's physical education, establishing the University's riding progam as well as coaching riflery and basketball. Outdoor education was a lifetime passion and in 1955, Browne began teaching the first outdoor education courses at UNH. In 1973, her love of the outdoors led her to become one of the leaders of Save Our Shores, an organization which stopped the plans proposed by shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis, to build a massive oil refinery on Great Bay just outside of Durham, N.H.. In 1987 she donated six acres of forest land on Durham Point to be used for the foundation of a UNH center in outdoor educaton. This center is now known as The Browne Center for Innovative Learning. Browne died as a result of a car accident in 1994.

Scope and Content:
This series contains the papers of Evelyn Browne, the bulk of which concern her efforts in land preservation and donation of land to the University. There are papers of correspondence and news articles relating to her involvement in the Onassis Oil Refinery issue and the Save Our Shores organization, as well as minutes and correspondence from the Great Bay Estuarine System Conservation Trust. Correspondence concerning the development of the Outdoor Education Center and conservation easement are contained in this series. There are papers regarding a land boundary dispute with George and Thomas Walker, as well as papers from the Durham Planning Board regarding land conservation issues. Photos of the Browne/Beckwith property are included as well as a few other photos of Evelyn Browne. There are profiles and news articles about Evelyn and her efforts. Correspondence relating to the women's physical education program at UNH is included as well as letters concerning an Outdoor Education Department Trip to Mexico.

UA 17/18Box 1
F. 1 nd Evelyn Browne-Summary Vita and tribute to Belmore Browne
F. 2 Aug. 1961 The Adams' of Adams Point, from E. Browne Masters Thesis in History
F. 3 Nov. 14, 1965 Archery Golf Newspaper Article
F. 4 Jan. 1973-March 1974 Olympic/Onassis Oil Refinery Newspaper Articles
F. 5 Aug. 12, 1974 Letter concerning Crommet's Creek Fill
F. 6 1975-1978 Yurt Trips Log Book
F. 7 nd Yurt Thank you Letters to Evelyn Browne
F. 8 Dec. 1980 At Home in Durham - Profile of Evelyn Browne
F. 9 May 1981 Evelyn Browne: World Explorer, a Dedicated Teacher - Profile News Article
F. 10 Oct. 1981 Retirement as Marine Docent Correspondence and Outline of Boat Tour History of Piscataqua Basin
F. 11 Dec. 1981 History of Greenleaf Yurt Letter and Photograph
F. 12 Jan. 1983-Dec. 1990 Great Bay Estuarine System Conservation Trust Correspondence
F. 13 March 1983 Great Bay Estuary: Unique NH Resource Discussion Paper
F. 14 Sept. 1983-Oct. 1984 Great Bay Estuarine System Conservation Trust Agenda and Minutes
F. 15 1983 Great Bay Estuarine System Conservation Trust: Formation, Members, Articles of Agreement and By-Laws
F. 16 July 1984 Great Bay Conservation Project and National Estuarine Sanctuary
F. 17 July 1984-Sept. 1990 Outdoor Education Center: Letters from Evelyn Browne
F. 18 Sept. 1984-July 1987 Outdoor Education Center Steering Committee: Correspondence, Memos, Updates, and Progress Reports
F. 19 Oct. 1984-Nov. 1987 Conservation Easement Miscellaneous Correspondence
F. 20 nd Outdoor Education Center Proposal and Reports
F. 21 Nov. 20, 1984 Outdoor Education Center Proposal: Physical Education Department Meeting
F. 22 Nov.-Dec. 1984 NH Coastal Conference Correspondence
F. 23 1984 Great Bay Conservation Project & National Estuarine Sanctuary Draft Management Plan
F. 24 1984 American Tree Farm System: Maps and Forest Management Plan for Browne/Beckwith Property
F. 25 1984-1986 Yurt Trip Log Book
F. 26 Jan. 1985-April 1987 American Tree Farm System Forest Management Plan & Timber Sale Correspondence with Michael Burke and C. DiPrizio
F. 27 May 1-Aug. 13, 1985 Appraisal Report of Conservation Easement and Correspondence with Ashton R. Hallett - Photos of Land included
F. 28 nd Property Photos
F. 29 June 1985-Jan. 1988 Boundary Dispute: Evelyn Browne vs George W. Walker and Thomas Walker
F. 30 Oct. 1985-Aug. 1987 Durham Planning Board Correspondence on Land Subdivisions

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UA 17/18 Box 2
F. 1 Jan. 1986 Outdoor Education Center Steering Committee Interim Report
F. 2 April 1986-June 1988 Surveying and Driveway Easement: Evelyn Browne and Seacoast Engineering Correspondence
F. 3 May 1986-Dec. 1989 Outdoor Education Center Correspondence
F. 4 nd Outdoor Education Center Designs and Site Plans
F. 5 nd About the Center for Excellence in Outdoor Education
F. 6 June 1986-Oct. 1989 Great Bay Reserve Preservation Newspaper Articles
F. 7 Oct. 1986-May 1987 American Tree Farm System Certification Correspondence and News Article
F. 8 Jan. 1987-Aug. 1988 Great Bay Research Reserve Work Group (Office of State Planning): Minutes and Correspondence
F. 9 nd Great Bay Research Reserve Facilities
F. 10 Jan. 21, 1987 Great Bay Estuarine System Conservation Trust Meeting Notes
F. 11 March 1987 Outdoor Education Trip and Rescue in Mexico: Correspondence and Main Street Magazine Article
F. 12 April 1987 Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Management Plan
F. 13 May 1987 Strafford County Conservation Plan Progress and Maps of Browne/Beckwith Property
F. 14 July 1987 National Estuarine Reserve Research System Status Report
F. 15 Sept.-Dec. 1987 Donated Land Specifications given to UNH (includes News Article)
F. 16 Sept. 1987-Aug. 1990 Outdoor Education Center Funding from the Class of 1939 50th Reunion Project
F. 17 Oct. 1987-April 1988 Title Opinion, Easement Deeds and Correspondence with Richard P. Marsh, Attorney
F. 18 Dec. 1987-June 1988 Acquisition of Land Gift Board of Trustees Involvement Correspondence, Report and Minutes
F. 19 1987 Outdoor Education Center Land Donation News Article and Press Release
F. 20 Spring 1988 Alumni Profile: Evelyn Browne
F. 21 May-June 1988 Women's Athletics Crisis Correspondence
F. 22 Oct. 1989 Great Bay Reserve Designation Day Program, Commendation Award, News Articles and Photos
F. 23 Oct. 1989-April 1991 Miscellaneous Correspondence
F. 24 Nov. 3, 1989 Letter concerning Wagon Hill Farm House
F. 25 1989 COLSA Alumni Conference Award Winner News Photo
F. 26 May-Oct. 1990 Great Bay Estuarine System Conservation Trust Agenda and Minutes
F. 27 Sept. 17, 1990 Letter concerning Pauper's Cemetery
F. 28 Sept. 22, 1990 Letter to Department of Fish and Game concerning Adams Point
F. 29 Nov. 29, 1990 Letter from Evelyn Browne concerning Yurt vandalism
F. 30 March 1, 1993 Naming the Browne Center Correspondence from Marion Beckwith
F. 31 nd Faculty Award for International Women's year Nomination by Marion Beckwith
F. 32 nd Miscellaneous Photos of Evelyn Browne
F. 33 Summer 1994 Memoriam: Evelyn Browne Secures a Place in Durham's History
F. 34 Spring 1995 A Vision for the Bay, The Legacy of Evelyn Browne

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