New Hampshire Outing Club
Photograph Collections
(UV 7/1/7)

Dates: 1979-2003
Size: 3 boxes (1 cu.ft.)

The New Hampshire Outing Club is the oldest and largest club on campus and is run entirely by UNH students. Since its beginnings in 1911, the NHOC has been providing outdoor experiences, education, and activities to the UNH community.

Scope and Content:
This series contains slides and photographs of Outing Club trips and activities, taken by members of the outing club. The paper files for the Outing Club can be found at UA 7/1/7.

Box 1
F. 1 Slides: Summer Trips
F. 2 Slides: Spring Trips
F. 3 Slides: Fall Trips
F. 4 Slides: Winter Trips
F. 5 Slides: Cabins
F. 6 Slides: Vistas
F. 7 Slides: Canoeing and Kayaking
F. 8 Slides: Rock Climbing
F. 9 Slides: Ropes Course, 1987

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Box 2
F. 1 Slides: Sailing
F. 2 Slides: Hang Gliding, 1987
F. 3 Slides: Snow Shoeing, 1987
F. 4 Slides: Cross-Country Skiing
F. 5 Slides: Ice climbing, 1979
F. 6 Slides: NHOC office and Equipment
F. 7 Photos: NHOC in MUB
F. 8 Photos: individuals, (identified)
F. 9 Photos: individuals, at the cabin (no ID)
F.10 Photos: individuals, in snow (no ID)
F.11 Photos: individuals, Fall trips (no ID)
F.12 Photos: individuals, summer trip (no ID)
F.13 Photos: small groups, (identified)
F.14 Photos: small groups, at cabin (no ID)
F.15 Photos: small groups, Fall trips (no ID)
F.16 Photos: small groups, Summer trips (no ID)
F.17 Photos: small groups, winter trips (no ID)
F.18 Photos: small groups, NHOC party (no ID)
F.19 Photos: large groups, summer trips (no ID)
F.20 Photos: large groups, winter trips (no ID)
F.21 Photos: large groups, fall trips (no ID)
F.22 Photos: large groups, at the cabin (no ID)
F.23 Photos: large groups, 8x10 black and white
F.24 Photos: Blue Cirle Members
F.25 Photos: vistas and misc.
F.26 Negatives: individual members in MUB, c.1980
F.27 Negatives: Winter trips, ropes course, snow sculptures '71

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Box 3
F. 1 Photos: Jackson Work Trip Nov. 1985
F. 2 Photos: Jackson Work Trip, April 1986
F. 3 Photos: work trips, black and white
F. 4 Photos: work trips and hikes, fall (no dates)
F. 5 Photos: work trips, (no dates)
F. 6 Photos: Jackson Cabin work trips, 1994
F. 7 Photos: work trips, 2000-01
F. 8 Photos: Tuckerman's Revine, April 1987
F. 9 Photos: Franky, opening trip, climbing Lafayette, Sept. 1988
F.10 Photos: Rock climbing, Pawtuckaway, Sept. 1989
F.11 Photos: Rock Climbing, Pawtuckaway, Sept. 2003
F.12 Photos: Rock Climbing, black and white, (no dates)
F.13 Photos: Rock Climbing, 8x10 black and white
F.14 Photos: Climbing, rock, ice, indoor (no dates)
F.15 Photos: Go West, June 1990
F.16 Photos: Go WEst, June 1994
F.17 Photos: Mt. Adams trip, Sept/Oct. 1989
F.18 Photos: Hang Gliding in Clarement, Nov. 1989
F.19 Photos: Backpaking trip, Nov. 1990
F.20 Photos: Mt. Wiley Trip, Oct. 1993
F.21 Photos: "Lickin' Lincoln", April 1995
F.22 Photos: Leadership Training, Bear Brook Cabin, 1996
F.23 Photos: Mt. Isolation Trip, Sept. 1998
F.24 Photos: Freshmen Outing trip, Zealand Falls, Aug. 2000
F.25 Photos: Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing, (no Dates)
F.26 Photos: Misc. Fun in the snow, (no dates)
F.27 Photos: Winter Camping trip, c. 1990
F.28 Photos: Fall hiking (no dates)
F.29 Photos: Canoe, kayak, rafting (no dates)
F.30 Photos: Ropes Course, (no dates)
F.31 Photos: Summer camping (no dates)
F.32 Photos: mascot, Ed le Duc
F.33 Photos: Loading van for a trip, (no dates)
F.34 Photos: Vistas, 8x10 black and white (no dates)
F.35 Photos: NHOC Flag in Fairbanks, AK
F.34 Photos: In the cabins, (no dates)

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