The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium - Source Data
Title Garter,The
Page AII,6
Comments D/2,F/2,M=2 [Music variations in 1-17,1-18, Same scale degr. diff. key sig]
Date 1688
Short Title PLAY.1-7,1686
Source Library E7
Form WL
Occurrences 1-7 - 1-16,1-17,1-18:"Garter, The",1-7 - 1-13;"Garter",1-14 - 1-16;"King James's March, or The Garter",1-17,1-18
Ur Dance x
Time Signature C/
Key Signature
Do C
Incipit //32/345//15-/112//334/543//2
Stress Notes 3311352
Image/Link Play1186
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