The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium - Source Data
Title Mr. Lane's Magot
Page 194-196
Comments L/2,L=91
Date 1698
Short Title PLAY.1-10,1698
Source Library E10
Form WL
Occurrences 1-9 - 1-18:"Mr. Lane's Magot",1-9 - 1-11;"Mr. Lane's Maggot"1-12 - 1-16;"Richmond Ball, or Mr. Lane's Maggot",1-17,1-18 [1-9,1-10 Include a Song by "Tho. D'Urfey", "The Dance" with instructions]
Ur Dance x
Time Signature C/
Key Signature Bb
Do F
Incipit //3+/2+//1+2+1+/73//671+2+/73//6
Stress Notes 3217676
Image/Link Play1872
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