The Dancing Master, 1651-1728: An Illustrated Compendium - Source Data
Title Buford's March:or,Jockey was a dowdy Lad
Page 301
Comments L=85
Date 1721
Short Title PLAY.1-17,1721
Source Library E17
Form WL
Occurrences 1-11 - 1-18:"Bufords March: Or, The Private Wedding",1-11 - 1-12;"Buford's March: Or, The Private Wedding",1-13;"Buford's March: Or, Jockey was a dowdy Lad",1-14 - 1-18
Ur Dance x
Time Signature C/
Key Signature Bb,EUb
Do Eb
Incipit //1+61+3+/2+76//6671+/36//5321/2
Stress Notes 126352
Image/Link Play4320
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