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Treasurer's warrant. Province of New-Hampshire. To the
select-men of [Pembroke] in the province of New-Hampshire,
for the year current, A.D. 1764.
  Describes tax assessment and collection. Issued from
Portsmouth and signed by George Jaffrey.
[New Hampshire. Provincial Congress]
In Provincial congress, Exeter, June 2, 1775. To the
inhabitants of the colony of New-Hampshire.
  Message from the president of New Hampshire,
Matthew Thornton, in regards to the affairs with Britain.
It includes recommendations for action and suggestions
on how the state's populace can help in the general effort.
[New Hampshire]
The Committee of both houses appointed to consider of a
method for making a new proportion to be a guide for
paying taxes in this state; reccommended that an order
for taking and returning an inventory be issued to all
the towns, parishes and places in this state, in the
following form, namely....
  Outlines how towns in the state should document property,
etc. by means of an inventory, which was to be submitted to
the state government for tax purposes.
[New Hampshire]
Co[n]vention at Concord, Sept. 22, 1779 for stating the
prices of sundry articles. At a convention of
delegates, met at Concord, on Wednesday the 22nd of September,
A.D. 1779,--for the purpose of endeavouring to lay some plan to
appreciate the paper currency,--. [Evans 16230]
  Summation of a meeting of delegates met at Concord
"for the purpose of endeavouring to lay some plan to
appreciate the paper currency." Lists "affixed Prices to most
articles of Trade" and describes "this most important Concern,
of giving Stability to their Currency".
On Copy 2 verso, in contemporary ms., "Nathl Bachellors
accompt of his Guardianship of Betty Morril,"
Dec. 25, 1776-March 1780.
[New Hampshire]
A Declaration of rights, and plan of government for the
state of New-Hampshire.
Exeter: Zechariah Fowle.
  Outlines the rights of New Hampshire citzens and the
plans for the formation of a state governmment.
[New Hampshire]
Gentlemen, the merchants, traders, tradesmen and labourers
of this town, deeply impressed with a sense of the unhappy
situation of public affairs, and affected with the consideration
of the low ebb to which the Continental Currency has fallen in
value, have enter'd into the resolves, herewith inclos'd, to which
the town have given their sanction.
Portsmouth: D[aniel] Fowle.
  Documents the debate over "reducing the price of the
necessaries of life, and of supporting the credit of our
currency" and lists the established prices of goods.
New Hampshire
In the house of representatives, November 10th, 1779.
The committee on the petition of the selectmen of Holles [sic],
and all similar matters, reported their opinion....
  A general order to all constables "directing them not to make
sale of any lands belonging to persons who have absented
themselves from this, or any other of the United-States, and
gone over to our enemies," and ordering all towns to submit
a return to the General Court of all such lands. [2 copies]
New Hampshire
In the house of representatives, Nov. 16, 1779.
The committee to consider of the number of blankets, shirts, and
stockings for our battalions in the Continental Army, and of the
method of procuring them....
  Recommendation for town selectmen to procure as many
blankets, shirts and stockings as possible, at the lowest
prices available, to prepare the Continental Army for winter.
New Hampshire
In the house of representatives, December 28th, 1779.
Whereas it has been determined by the General Assembly to adjust
and pay off to the soldiers who have been enlisted into the Continental
Army, the arreages due to them for depreciation, according to a resolve
of the general court of the 26th of March 1779.
  Request for the selectmen of each town to submit a list "of what
each soldier inlisted [sic] into the Continental Army, or his family,
have received of such town, the time when and what money has
been paid...."
State of New-Hampshire. Nicholas Gilman, esquire, treasurer
and receiver-general for said state, to the selectmen of [Ackworth]
in said state. Greeting. [Evans 17257]
  Describes tax assessment and collection.
[Exeter, printed by Zechariah Fowle] and signed by
Nicholas Gilman.
State of New-Hampshire. In the House of Representatives,
November 20th, 1781.
  Resolution to "make out Accounts for Supplies to the Families
of such Soldiers as are engaged in the Continental Army..."
[New Hampshire]: State of New Hampshire. In Committee of Safety,
April 16th, 1783. A Proclamation [caption title]. Whereas the form
of government agreed upon by this state ... was ... established to
continue only during the unhappy and unnatural contest then
subsisting with Great-Britain ...
Exeter, N.H. [1783]
  This broadside proclamation announces that the plan of
government created in January 1776 will remain in force
until June 10, 1784. With autograph of Meshech Weare
and J. Pearson, president and deputy secretary respectively,
of the Committee of Safety for New Hampshire.
There is one other known copy of this broadside,
at Harvard University.
[New Hampshire]
By the United States of America in Congress assembled. A proclamation,
declaring the cessation of arms, as well by sea as by land, agreed
upon between the United States of America and his Britannic majesty;
enjoining the observance thereof.
Exeter: [n.p.]
  Broadside outlining the specifics of the Treaty of Paris (1783).
Signed by Meshech Weare.
New Hampshire
A proclamation. Whereas, by the constitution and form of government,
established in this state, it is provided, that the president of the state,
the senators, and representatives, shall be chosen annually in the month
of March at the annual, or other meeting of the inhabitants,....
Congress of the United States, begun and held at the city of New-York,
on Wednesday, the fourth of March, one thousand seven hundred and
  A broadside printing of the Bill of Rights.
Portsmouth : Printed by George Jerry Osburne, Jun.
State of New Hampshire. By his excellency Josiah Bartlett, Esq.
Captain-General and Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy,
and President of the said state.
A proclamation.
  A proclamation by Josiah Bartlett, in response to a similar one
by George Clinton, Governor of New York, demanding the arrest
of Jonathan Arnold, Abel Hackett, Josiah Hackett, John West,
and Jacob Virgil, suspected murderers of Cornelius Hogeboom
of New York.
State of New Hampshire. In Senate, June 13, 1791.
[Evans 23602]
  Resolution that selectmen secure certificate or
indent taxes.
By his excellency Josiah Bartlett, esq. President of the state
of New-Hampshire. A Proclamation for a day of public fasting,
humiliation and prayer.
  Portsmouth : Printed by John Melcher.
By his excellency John Taylor Gilman, esquir[e.] Governor
of the state of New-Hampshire. A proclamation. As the prosperity
and happiness of states and empires depend on the good pleasure
of Almighty God; whose kingdom ruleth over all--it highly becomes
us, as a people, to acknowledge our dependance on him, and to
supplicate the throne of grace for all favours and blessings we
stand in need of:
  [not in Evans]
State of New-Hampshire. In the year of our Lord, one thousand,
seven hundred and ninety-six. An act directing the mode of
balloting for and appointing electors of this state for the election
of a President and Vice President of the United States.
  [not in Evans, Shipton & Mooney, Bristol, LOC, Catalogue of
Broadsides in the Rare Book Division]
State of New-Hampshire. To the selectmen of [ ] greeting.
  Direction for "the mode of choosing representatives to the
Congress of the United States." Printed at Exeter by H[enry]. Ranlet.
[not in Evans]
Carrigain, Philip, 1772-1842
At the general convention of the Republican members of the General
Court of New-Hampshire, and of a large number of respectable citizens
from the distant parts of the state - which was holden in this town on
the 28th day of Dec. last - for the purpose of agreeing upon the proper
candidates to fill the different offices within the state for the year ensuing....
  Minutes of a meeting by the Republican members of the General
Court of N.H., which includes a list of supported candidates for
various positions.
State of New-Hampshire. To the selectmen of [Pembroke] greeting.
  Direction for "the mode of choosing representatives to the
Congress of the United States...".
[New Hampshire]
  A List of acts passed by the legislature of New- Hampshire,
at their session begun and holden at Portsmouth, on the first
Wednesday of December 1805.
State of New-Hampshire. In the House of Representatives,
June 10th, 1806.
  Warrant for calling annual town meetings "To take the sense
of the qualified voters on the subject of a revision of the Constitution.
Secretary's office, Concord, August 2d, 1806.
Dear sir,....
  Direction to send recommendations of "Officers that you wish to be commissioned...".
Secretary's office, Concord, January 20th, 1807. To the selectmen
of the town of [ ] gentlemen,...
  A letter regarding the "Act to cause the several Towns, Parishes,
and places within this State to be surveyed, for the purpose of
obtaining a Map of the State."
Direct tax.
  A discussion of Jefferson's Embargo, the purchase of Louisiana,
and the state of democracy and government in the U.S. Also
given is a proportion of the money owed by each NH town
for the fifteen million dollar purchase of Louisiana.
At a meeting of the proprietors of the Grafton Turnpike Road,
legally warned and holden by adjournment, at the dwelling-house
of Moses Dole in Canaan, on Saturday the 4th day of July 1807.
  A letter detailing decisions made about the Grafton
Turnpike Road. Signed bt E. Kingsbury, Junr.
[Salisbury Academy. New Hampshire.]
Order of the exercises for the exhibition at Salisbury Academy,
Nov. 8, 1809.
  A list of dialogues, orations, plays, and poems performed
and presented by students and members of Salisbury Academy.
Strong, James.
A geographical chart of the American Federal Republic. Or,
a comprehensive view of the most interesting particulars relative
to the geography &c. of the United States of North America.
  Walpole : Printed at the press of Thomas and Thomas,
by Geo. W. Nichols.
Carrigain, Philip, 1772-1842
Map of New-Hampshire. Proposals, for publishing a map,
to contain the whole of the state of New-Hampshire, from
actual survey: and a part of the territories of each of the
states adjoining, and of lower Canada.
  Prospectus of the proposal for a state map.
Supplement to the Farmer's Cabinet. Monday, July 13, 1812.
Late and important news from England.
  Note on a change in English government administration
and events of the war.
Cabinet extra. Amherst, Sept. 7, 1812. From the North Western Army.
In addition to the particulars from the army in this day's paper,
we have the mortification to add the following official documents,
which puts aside all doubt as to the certainty of the fact, of Gen. Hull's
capitulating to the British.
State of New-Hampshire. Head Quarters, Exeter, September 9th, 1814.
General orders.
  Letter warning the militia to be constantly prepared
and ready for service. Signed by J.T. Gilman.
Sanborn, Jonathan.
An elegy, composed on the sudden deaths of Lydia Page Sanborn,
who died December 9th, and Rebecca Sanborn, who died
December 11, 1814; daughters of Jonathan Sanborn of Gilmanton, N. H.
  A 38-verse poem by Sanborn along with a 16-verse poem by
Elder Joseph Badger of Gilmanton.
To the free born sons of New-Hampshire. "Heads up my boys."
  Letter about NH Representative to Congress, Eastwick Evans.
Order of performance, at the Union Meeting-House, in Portsmouth,
July 4, 1823.
  List of events with odes and hymns included.
New Hampshire. Governor.
State of New-Hampshire. By the governor, a proclamation, for a
day of public humiliation, fasting and prayer.
Hymns composed for and sung at the dedication of the
Union Meeting House, in Durham, January 20, 1825.
  Includes envelope with inscription "Hymns Sung at Dedication of the Union Meeting House which stood where the school now is - in 1927." Signed Belle S. Mathes
State of New-Hampshire.
In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five.
An act to establish the New-Hampshire University.

Unsigned. Seven pages printed on single broadside.
Includes letter dated February 7, 1952 from UNH
President Robert Chandler to History Dept. Chair
Prof. Philip Marston, stating that the broadside
was donated by Laurence Whittemore.

New Hampshire. Governor.
A proclamation, for a day of humiliation and prayer.
  Signed by Richard Bartlett.
New Hampshire. Governor.
A proclamation, for a day of publick thanksgiving and prayer.
Jackson, Andrew.
Dover Gazette--extra. Monday morning, March 9, 1829.
Inaugural address.
New Hampshire. Governor.
State of New-Hampshire. A proclamation for a day of fasting,
humiliation and prayer.
Mechanics' House for Sale! Great Falls, October 24, 1835
  Advertisement for public auction of house "situated on High Street
in this village, now occupied by Capt. Wm. Frye."
Printed by Great Falls Journal Press, Edwin Moody, Printer.
Hopkinton, April 19, 1836. To...
  Letter regarding the establishment of "a new
College in this State".
(2 copies)
Dover Book-Store, Circulating Library, and General Agency
of Periodical Literature: Samuel C. Stevens, Agent
, 1836.

Advertisement for sale of "Books and Stationary" [sic],
"Dover Circulating Library," and "Periodical Literature"
by S.C. Stevens, agent for Reuben Stevens, who "has
taken the lower Store in the range of brick buildings with
Granite fronts, lately erected by the Cocheco Manufacturing
Company, south of the Dover Bank."

Song for the Abbot Jubilee, August 23d, 1838 [together with]
Song written for the festival at Exeter, August 23d, 1838.
  Song for Abbot Jubilee: lyrics by Mrs. Folsom, air "Auld Lang syne".
Song for Exeter festival: lyrics by Oliver W. Peabody,
air "Farewell, but whenever you welcome the hour."
Phrenological chart.
This chart contains a classification of the fundemental phenomena
of the human mind, by the help of which, every person may see,
as in a glass, the exact strength of all the powers that make up
his or her character. Concord, N.H.: William White.
  Chart that illustrates the "science" of phrenology. Included
along with the text of the broadside is a description of the
"phrenological character of Mr. Geo. W. Weymouth."
Portsmouth Journal--extra. Tuesday, March 5, 1839. Developments
by the Investigating Committee on the Recent Defalcations.
  Letter regarding the investigation of Samuel Swartwout.
[New York customs collector], et al.
Marshall, J.
New Book Store and Bindery.
  An advertisement.
Manchester : The Representative Office.
A warning to unfaithful ministers [poem].
  Great Falls : Wood, John B., Jr.
The Lion.
  A satirical "rag" on Martin Van Buren's administration and the
state of Dover, N.H. society.
Dover : n.p.
Carr, Nathan
Nathan Carr's address to the court.
  A condemned man's statement to his fellow townsmen in
defense of his record and charging political intrigue.
Hillsborough Oct. 28th, 1850.
[Democratic Party. Manchester, New Hampshire. January 1st, 1851]
Prospectus for The Union Democrat, a new paper, published at Manchester, N.H.
[advertisement. W.H. Gilmore & Co., Publishers].
Exeter, N.H. (Lecture Hall) Exeter, N.H., Thursday evening, Oct. 21st, 1852.
Mr. Dempster..."original ballad entertainment, at the Lecture Hall, on
Thursday evening, Oct. 21, 1852, which will include his favorite songs,
- also his celebrated Cantata, The May Queen...."
  Program of the event with a list of songs performed.
Manchester, N.H. Office of the Mayor, Frederick Smyth.
Whereas much complaint has been made of the illegal obstruction
of our public streets by Concord Railroad Corporation....
  A meeting notice.
Rowe, S.
The maiden of the valley : (Zillah Hill - born about 1790.) A poem composed
by S. Rowe, and read before the Lyceum, at Chester, N.H., Dec. 1852.
Exeter, N.H.
Bill of mortality for Exeter, N.H., A.D. 1853
  List deaths in Exeter with a breakdown by month, age, and cause.
Exeter: News-Letter Press
A few stanzas on "Jordan;" by Judson. Dedicated to slaveholders,
old fogies, and doughheads generally.
  Garfield, Printer, Milford, N. H.
Manchester, N.H. Office of the Mayor, Frederick Smyth. July 19th, 1854.
  Urgent request for "thorough cleanliness" to preserve
public health.
[Freewill Baptist Church. New Hampshire.]
A circular to clerks of F. W. Baptist churches. [and] A circular.
To Free-Will Baptist ministers.
  Issued by Silas Curtis, Pittsfield, N.H. February 28, 1855
Order of services at the capital of New Hampshire on Thursday,
June 1, 1865, in honor of the memory of Abraham Lincoln.
  List of exercises, speeches, etc. at the state's memorial service
for President Lincoln in Concord, N.H.
[gift of Gaylord C. Cummings]
Rockingham County Agricultural & Horticultural Society.
Ninth annual fair! At Exeter, N.H., Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday,
October 8, 9, & 10, 1867.
  Program of events for the fair. Exeter: News-Letter Office
Brown, Sylvanus.
The rejected poem of A. D. 1869, conserved for use at the Bicentennial
on Derry Common, A. D. 1919. [reprint]
  On verso, reprint of deed from Robert Mcgregor to the town of Londonderry, -1729
[with explication].
Thompson, Louisa J.
Guardians sale of real estate! By virtue of a license from the
Court of Probate for Strafford County, I shall sell at public
auction on Monday, March 29, 1869, at 10 o'clock, A.M.,
on the premises in Durham, the late homestead farm of
C.A.C. Thompson, now belonging to my wards,
George E. Thompson,
Ada M. Thompson, and Helen F. Thompson.
  Printed at Enquirer Office,--Dover, N.H.
Exeter (N.H.) Lyceum
Exeter Lyceum! 1870-71. 3d Lecture at the town hall,
Wednesday evening, Dec. 14, 1870 by Rev. Elias Nason.
  List and description of programs in the Exeter Lyceum series,
Rockingham Musical Association.
Concert by the Rockingham musical association, at the town hall,
Exeter, on Wednesday evening, March, 2d.
Exeter Lyceum! 1870-71. 3d Lecture at the town hall, Wednesday
evening, Dec. 14, 1870 by Rev. Elias Nason.
  Program of music played. Exeter: News-Letter
Power Printing Establishment
Moses, John F.
Lines written on the celebration of the Baptist Church of Christ,
in Brentwood, N.H., which was organized in May, 1771. Centennial
celebration October 19, 1871.
[Pittsfield, N. H. Fire-wards.]
Regulations established by the fire-wards! Pittsfield, N.H.
January, 1874.
Weekly Star Job Print, Pittsfield, N. H.
House and Barn For Sale!
Concord, August 26, 1879.
  Advertisement for public auction.
Commissioners: John Kimball, Albert M. Shaw, Alpha J. Pillsbury.
New Hampshire. Governor.
Proclamation by the Governor.
  Arbor Day proclamation.
New Hampshire. Governor.
The State of New Hampshire. Proclamation by the governor
for Arbor Day.
Rates of toll to be taken at the ______ gate on the New-Hampshire
Turnpike Road.
  List of rates for various forms of transportation.
Blodget, Samuel and Samuel P. Kidder
To be sold, or let, a brick yard, situated about seven miles above the
Blodget Canal, on the western bank of the Merrimack River,...
Shepard, Josiah
An elegy, composed on the solemn departure of Miss Rhoda Fostic
Hillard, who died of the spotted fever in Pittsfield, N.H. aged 22
years. She was a young lady of unspotted reputation, of good
education, and was deserving of respect and is universally lamented
by her friends and acquaintance.
National School of Business. Concord, New Hampshire.
McCollom Institute. Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.

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